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Published Dec 13, 20
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5 Steps To Find And Buy Cash Flow Positive Properties

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Trusts are required to have financial declarations prepared each year and may need to pay yearly income tax in line with SARS guidelines. Income in trusts is taxed at 45%, unless the income is distributed to the recipients, in which case each private recipient will be taxed according to the private earnings tax tables set out by SARS, starting at 18%.

If the residential or commercial property is not utilized for domestic functions, and the loan amount presently goes beyond R1 333 333, interest would need to be charged at the current office rate of 7. 5%. The trustee with the loan account requires to elect whether 20% donations tax is payable on the interest, or whether the interest is declared straight as earnings in his or her private capability," states Brink.

He or she must be conscious of the impacts of such a loan upon liquidation or death. The trustees need to concur jointly that the property might be sold, and it needs to be in the very best interest of the beneficiaries. Trusts needs to be administered, even if it is inactive.

There is a general mistaken belief that if the trust properties still come from the creator or trustees, that they can operate it as if it is their own individual asset. Verge says this is not the case as the trustees of trust handles the trust home on behalf of the beneficiaries.



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